Our Vision

New ideas, new trends, ever changing and improing fabrics and manufacturers help us bring our clients what they want and love.


Having worked with home owners, designer and architects for the last 18 year one thing has become clear. It is very difficult for the consumer to decipher a good quality product from poor.

Knowing this we decided that ours business model would be based on the best performing products for the consumer eliminating the risk of bad product choice and disappointment.



  • CURTAIN (Night Curtain)

    Be it modern, elegant or classic style, we have a curtain for enviroment ans taste. Curtains will improve your home's privacy and energy consumption, aw well as provide comfort and aesthetic appeal.
  • SHEER ( Day Curtain )

    There is on our pinion nothing more elegant and stylish than the filtered light though a beautiful sheer curtain to bring ambiance and aesthetics to a space while providing privacy from from the outside world.
  • Roller Blind

    Affordable, easy to operated and unobtrusive to your view, roller blind are solid thermal performer offering clean modern lines suitable for most windows. Available in over 10,000 fabric colours and textures to complement any interior.
  • Roman Blind

    Roman blinds are highly functional while being extremely stylish. The flexibility of fabric choice means that you are able to meet whatever your colour palette damands.
  • Venetion Blinds

    Venetian Blinds are functionally versatile, giving you option to go maximum privacy, minimal lighting or letting in as much natural light in your room. Come withn wood, aluminum or faux wood slat selection.
  • Pleated Blind

    Drawing on the uniqueness of pleated of the pleat screen and emphasizing refined design, SHIORI, our pleated blinds express variations of Japaness e sence in creating soft spaces that soonthe with the whimsy of light.
  • Honeycomb Shade

    Offering superior insulation for internal windows, honeycombs are incredibly versatile in fit, operation and performance.
  • Fabric Blind

    Fabric blind is combination of Venetian blind and roman shade. Simply tilt opening the vane to allow seeing through and closing for prefect privacy with showing perfect duplication of roman shade while the vanes staying close.
  • Panel Blind

    Our Panel Blinds system is not size limitation in width and height. Available using fabric or any roller blinds material as combination.
  • Vertical Blind

    Offering easy coordination with other design elements and louvers with a refined texture, with options offering thermal insulation, blackout and other performance features with wide range variations.
  • Wallpaper Covering

    Ours wallpapers represent the best interior design through the ages, with many designs drawn from the extensive european heritage archive, unique Japanese culture, etc. and reproduced in colours to suit all classic and modern interiors. We also provided services doing the digital printing custom made as clients needs.
  • Motorized System

    Ours wide ranges of motorized products make it possible to meet various requests not only for houses but also for public places such as hotels and office buildings. Motorized system for Curtain Track, Theater Curtain Track, roller blind, Venetian Blind, Skylight System and etc. from Indoor to outdoor purpose use. Powered by Japan TOSO in 5 year warranty. Hunter Douglas window covering shades with Powerview. Italy Muttora and France Somfy system as well.
  • ALTEX SecureZip

    Altex SecureZip is serves as barrier from harmful dust, deris and flying insects, while protecting your space from natural elements, you get to extend you living space to your balcony. So now you can enjoy the extra space and the accompanying view you paid for. Furthermore are designed to last with minimum maintenance. Just clean it with a soft cloth and it will look just as good from years to come. Altex SecureZip also can holds up to extremely windy conditions with exceptional stability, ensures that cool air from you air-conditioning in effectively retained in the room, reliable block out of heavy rain keep the extended area in dry conditions.
  • Lupak Metal

    Lupak Metal is an Italian manufactorer of profiled and extruded aluminium sunblinds for outdoor system. The external venetion blinds plays as long lasting product, energy effciency sunlight management, air management and privacy guarantee functions.